Addo Elephant Park is a short drive from Kleinrivier, and we’d highly suggest you stop by it on your way to us, or vice versa. In close proximity to each other, it really is an appealing option to try and do both in one outing.

While we don’t have any elephants (yet!) we do have our very own flora and fauna well worth looking into. In fact, some would say that they prefer the smaller, more obscure animals as they often have far more interesting “stories” to tell. In fact, many people know about the ‘Big Five’ but far fewer people know about the ‘Little Five’, namely they are the ant lion, leopard tortoise, elephant shrew, rhino beetle, and buffalo weaver. We aren’t saying that we have those animals either, but just that with a little perspective you can see value in other, smaller animals.

The great thing however, is that in one day you can see a whole spectrum of diversity by travelling from Addo to us and even to the Baviaanskloof. This is something not totally unique but certainly special about South Africa: that our diversity – in animals, people, and culture – all neighbour each other so closely. Added to that the Great White Shark, and you have a lot to get through!

So, if you’re adventurous, or one of those people with a bucket list and a penchant for ticking off every item, then consider doing a trifecta of nature reserves. Addo Elephant Park is a gem, as is the Baviaanskloof, but then make the trifecta complete by coming to us too.