Flora & Fauna


Kleinrivier has a wide and interesting spread of vegetation, represented in its amazing flora.

The lower ranges consist mainly of valley bushveld and thicket. Two types of cycads (Encephalartos lehmannii and E horridus) as well as two types of aloe (Aloe ferox and A speciosa) and the olifantspoot (Dioscorea elephantipes) are some of the interesting and striking species in this vegetation type.

A little bit higher, a belt of Renosterveld forms a divide between the valley thicket and higher mountain grassland. This grasslands consist mainly of nourishing perennial red grass (Themeda triandra) spotted with isolated dwarfed, but thick forest patches. It gradually transforms into fynbos. Strikingly beautiful in this vegetation type is the 3rd type of cycad on Kleinrivier, the abundant Suurberg cycad (E longifolius) spearing the landscape with its ancient straight trunks.

The different kloofs have an interesting variation of dominant trees specific to that kloof. “Teerhout”, “Nieshout”, “Kwar”, Forest elder, and “Buig my nie”(Smelophyllum capense) are the most prevalent. These different vegetation biomes are all accessible via our network of trails.


Five species of antelope occur naturally. Kudu and Duiker are common in the subtropical thicket while Klipspringer, Rooi Ribbok and Grysbok abound in the mountains. Impala, Redhartebeest, Bluewildebeest, Njala and Waterbuck have been introduced. At night you may be lucky to encounter Aardvark and Bushpig.

Reptiles are king in this dry environment , most common are the Bloukop mannetjies which scuttle out of your way on the trails.

Birders will find plenty to keep them busy with three different biomes each offering a new array of birds to find and identify.