Hikes are a popular South African thing and don’t we all know it! The Otter Trail, Tsitsikamma, Whale Trail and many others are world renowned, and for good reason. However, Kleinrivier Wilderness Area has its own wonderful hikes, and many of them too.

We love hiking and so we have gone the extra mile (literally and figuratively) to ensure that there are multiple paths for you to explore should you visit. A hikers paradise, you can hike in every direction, taking in the wonderful views, birdlife, plants and flowers, and even just soak up the stillness nature gives. Take a look at this page of our hikes and get excited about the various routes you can take. We have distances and difficulties for all generations and levels of ability. Being in the Karoo means that you won’t be surprised by sudden downpours – like you would in the Drakensberg, for example – and there are no dangerous animals that will be coming after you either (as could happen in Addo.

Fitness and being outdoors is quite a trend nowadays, and coupled with a more chilled out lifestyle (no doubt comprising reflection with a self-made Aeropress coffee) and hiking is the perfect activity to marry all of those into one. Packing a decent trail mix, plenty of water, a thermos of tea or coffee (or a gas cooker to make your own on the route) are must-do’s for the quintessential hiking experience. Added to that, you’d obviously want to pack some sunscreen and a hat, but mostly: don’t forget to bring your friends and family for maximum enjoyment, and safety…

We welcome you to Kleinrivier year-round to enjoy a hiking extravaganza. We would like to encourage you to try and do all the hikes but know that this may not be possible. Just chat to one of us for insight as to which hikes suit you, we are more than happy to help you decide.